Benefits of the Community

Show me your friends and I'll show you your future. This saying has been ringing in my ears for many years. We were built to be in relationship with others. Often times the relationships we build aren't always the best for us. It's okay that people drift apart, that's apart of life. But as you begin to cultivate new friendships it is imperative to be careful of the company you keep. That is why I created a tribe for people like you and I. People who want to grow and mature. People who want to win and see others win as well When you join the community you get access to a tribe of accountability partners who are dedicated to your success.

  • A community to support you and cheer you on.

  • A toolkit of resources to assist in your personal growth journey.

  • Access to courses such as Discovering Your Purpose, It's My Season, Becoming A Man/Woman Of Influence, Goal Setting Like A Champ and more)

  • Bi-monthly group calls with Phyllis H. and the New Life Creators family.

  • Monthly challenges, book studies and courses.

  • Discounted ticketed events.

  • An online campus dedicated to assisting any day or time with your personal and spiritual growth.

  • Access to our private online Facebook group.

  • Access to your private YouTube channel catered to members like you.

  • Get It Here First preview and purchase access to all upcoming events and books.

  • Daily Devotionals and much more.

New Life Creators

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