Navigating through life's challenges can be difficult. Thank God for his Holy Word. When we learn to apply the biblical principals of God to our daily life, the challenges we face don't seem like such mountains anymore. God did not promise life would always be easy, but He did promise a life more abundantly to those who believe. In this book you will begin to understand what you're going through in different seasons of your life and how to handle them so that you walk in the prosperity God has for you. Learning to navigate life is essential to your success and after reading this book not only will you be able to recognize the season you are in, but you will understand the why and how to get through each moment while living a purpose driven life.

Definition of “Getting Real With Yourself”

Mentorship comes in different forms. Indirectly you can receive mentorship through books. While nothing beats the physical mentorship books are the next best thing. We are defined by the people we are around, the places we attend and the BOOKS we read. As a spiritual self-help author my goal is to assist you in getting real with yourself so that you can make the changes necessary to succeed in life.

Diamonds & Pearls; Affirmations of a mompreneur who rocks

This book was written for women by women in the hopes of uplifting the mom entrepreneurs who are slaying their every day business and home life. With over thirty years of experience in perspective fields, these 17 moms came together to put their wisdom and share their experiences with you. When you read this book not only will you be encouraged, but you will know you are not alone on this entrepreneur journey. You can win at being a business owner and as a mom. Love to journal? Maybe you need a little assistance and accountability. Order our journal set to help you stay focused and keep you on task.

(this is a two book set but can be sold separately)

about the author

Phyllis H. began writing at an early age. It wasn't until she understood her spiritual gifts that she understood why writing was always a passion. In 2020 she published her first ebook called Hobbies & Habits; How to Go From Hundreds to Thousands in Your Living Room. This guide taught t-shirt hobbiest how to turn their hobby into a legitimate business all from their home. This book sparked a whole new dream of books. Since then, Phyllis H. Has published 4 books now and currently working on more. Her books consists of spiritual growth and self-help materials to help guide readers into a more prosperous life according to the word of God. From the books came speaking engagements and courses to empower and equip readers to encounter a new life.


"Phyllis H. is full of love and light! She's helpful, supportive & all about growth & encouragement. She uses her gifts, giving the all back to God with a sincere heart. She is a might woman of God who is intelligent and down to earth. She is in tune with her spiritual side. I praise God for her life, love and her example of a Christ like life."

- Larnell M.

"If you are at a place where you are unsure what's going on with you, whether it's concerning your marriage, ministry, job, business or just life in general then you might be going through a season of your life you need help identifying. Phyllis H. teaches you how to identify what season you are in, its purpose and how to maneuver through it. You will gain wisdom, knowledge, understanding & revelation which will help you to propel forward in life and not be at a standstill, feeling stuck of "confused.

- Evangelist Patricia Sumter

"This book will enable every ready to take hold of powerful kingdom truths, carefully constructed through diligent meditation & instruction from God's Holy Word. God's Seasonal Grace helped me refocus & remind me not to give up because God is with me every step of the way. What stuck out to me the most was when Phyllis H. wrote "The purpose is greater than the trial." God wants to transform us to be better, but we must learn to focus on the purpose & not the pain."

- Minister George Edward


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